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I always pick up some old toys here and there that I played with as a kid but never really collected them. I just ran into someones 30 year collection that I bought as a lot. As much as I enjoy them I feel like they will be wasted on me and deserve to get in the hands of true collectors. Obviously im going to make some money along the way but thats not my sole purpose. I have about 15 boxes of stuff most of which I am very familiar because I had them as a kid, however the collecting aspect and listing them correctly is beyond me. I sell on ebay but its limited to tools. Looking for some advice of how to unload such a large collection and the best way to do it. Is there anything that stands out in the boxes? What should I be looking for? The pictures only show the top layer of mostly filled boxes. I know its hard to do without an inventory or more detailed pictures, but with what you can see what may this collection be worth. What is the star wars collection worth on its own?

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