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#1   2017-11-01, 10:03  
I am in the journey to recover all the toys from my childhood and there was one particular action figure I regret losing. I do not know his name so I do not know how to look for it on ebay. It was a die cast action figure with articulations on legs and knees, it was probably a mecha with a head similar to Buzz-Off but in gray and black with red eyes. The predominant colors in the figure were black and gray and it had a red scarf made of actual cloth. The figure was able to throw its punches with a spring loaded mechanism and besides their punches it came with five different pairs of punches in different colors and with stickers that have different mechanical parts each, so I guess every pair of punches had different functions. The figure's punches were black but the other came in colors like blue, green, red, yellow and another color I cannot remember. I think it was maybe a Japanese mecha since the mechas I see on ebay come in the same way it came, in a foamy package inside a box with made of cardboard with a plastic screen to see the interior.
If someone have any clue please tell me. Thank you.

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