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So I've been diagnosed with MPNST and I am usually in pain. Before seeing a pain specialist, I've been getting my medication from my PCP/radiologist before a pain management doctor. They usually gave me Percocet 5/325mg. Recently I've been given Methadone 5mg (Dolophoine). The pain doctor told me I should only take percocet if I really need it. The Methadone doesn't seem to work or at least work well.
Percocet seems to work much better but isn't percocet and methadone the same opioid dose? Just one has Tylenol and the other doesn't. Did my pain specialist doctor give me a placebo. I pretty much found out today that the methadone doesn't work with really bad back pain or really bad pain in general. When I take the percoet, I usually only need 1 (doesn't get rid of all the pain, but it keeps it at a level where I'm not squirming in bed (unable to sleep cause of pain) and walking lean/hunched over with rabid breathing even when doing nothing.

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